Friday, March 09, 2007

People in glass houses....

I've always believed (and said in this blog) that I thought that the Republican-led witch hunt against Bill Clinton for, let's face it, lying about getting a blowjob from a woman who was not his wife in the Oval Office was a far greater travesty than what he did. In fact, I pretty much don't care about what Bill Clinton did (or does) in his personal life, and when you look back on life as an American under Clinton compared to life under the current waste of human flesh who stole the office, well, 'nuff said. I also pointed out that the "holier than thou" Republicans who led the charge, such paragons of moral virtue like Henry Hyde, an adulterer, and Robert Livingston, erstwhile heir apparent to the Speakership of the House and, by the way, an adulterer, were hardly in a position to judge Clinton. It now turns out that that other self-appointed arbiter of all that is good and moral was himself, while spearheading the effort to impeach Clinton (!!!), having an extramarital affair. Newt, we're surprised, shocked even (NOT!):

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