Friday, September 01, 2006

Curly, Moe, and Shemp

A few days ago, Curly (Bush), Moe (Cheney) and Shemp (Rumsfeld) all addressed various national conventions of veterans' associations. Curly addressed the American Legion in Salt Lake City (His speech is here:, Moe addressed the VFW in Reno (His speech is here:, and Shemp also addressed the American Legion (His speech is here: I am flabbergasted, ashamed, mad as hell, and just can't believe my own eyes and ears. There have been some great editorials about these fiascos (my personal favorite is Keith Olbermann:, see also the Washington Post - that bastion of commies, fascists, and generally everything threatening to Republican lawlessness and bullshit :-) : But, the best one, I think, comes from that other bastion of left-wing opinion,,15202,112087,00.html

...I have to agree with James Carville. If the Democrats can't win in this environment, "we have to question the whole premise of the party."

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